Are Volkswagens the Best Family Cars?

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen is often praised for the reliability of its vehicles and the reasonably priced options available. If you’re considering purchasing a family car, the wealth of makes and models available can often make it a difficult decision. However, the Volkswagen Golf combines a series of features that are advantageous in family vehicles, and may just be the perfect car for you and your children. Continue reading

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be a practical and cost-effective solution for those who wish to upgrade, purchase a smaller and cheaper model, or invest in their first vehicle. Insurers often look more kindly upon used cars and you may end up paying a lower insurance premium. However, there are certain things that all buyers should be aware of when considering investing in a pre-owned vehicle. Continue reading

Volkswagen moving on Up with its city car

Densely populated cities are requiring different types of private transport to negotiate them effectively. That has led to the rise of a new motoring segment known as city cars; Toyota were the first to jump in with the IQ, but now it has grown to encompass cars from all the budget manufacturers. However, Volkswagen is now in the class and predictably it has waited long enough for its rivals to show up their faults and has come in late with a class-leading option of their own. The VW Up is what they named it and here’s why it has suddenly sprung the city car segment into a new dawn and smashed the aspirations of its rivals: Continue reading

Great-value cars in each segment

Value for money is something that every motorist is looking for in their next car, without exception. That’s why the used car market is so buoyant with drivers willing to search, haggle and travel for a bargain on a car. Whatever your budget and whichever segment you are looking to buy in there is an affordable, refined and top quality option out there for you in the following markets: Continue reading offers great value VW contract hire or car leasing deals offers great value vw contract hire available at listers or car leasing deals. You can check all their current offers and choose the right one for you. What is more, if you can’t find the right offer for you, Listers Volkswagen will discuss your requirements and will help in any way you need.

We have to say that all the prices quoted here are for business users only and the company can offer competitive quotes on personal contract plans for private individuals. Continue reading

Zoom Into the Details at BMW

You have to work for the ultimate experience and BMW carefully considers all customers. The leasing options vary and are very convenient. After purchasing a BMW vehicle, you’ll encourage everyone around you to get one as well.

BMW has a beautiful website that allows you to really get the best out of the experience. Continue reading

NISSAN’s Zipping 370Z

What makes the Nissan 370Z stand out from the rest of the herd? Good question. First of all, Nissan has a long reputation for building very cool and very fast cars. Secondly, the 370Z embodies that coolness and speed. Thirdly, the 370Z is priced right and it comes from a long line of beautiful and well-made sports cars from Nissan. Continue reading