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Less Flower, More Power

Pardon our political incorrectness for a moment, but the Volkswagen New Beetle was, undeniably, a “chick car.” There was almost nothing that the New Beetle offered to enthusiasts (of either gender), and by the end of its run, VW had even stripped all of the exciting engines from the car’s lineup. Looking to resurrect some of the excitement behind the Beetle, the third generation of the iconic car ditched the cuteness when the coupe debuted for 2012, and now the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible aims to show how much fun drivers can have without a top.

Celebrating almost six and a half decades of the Beetle convertible, first drive of the 2013 Beetle Convertible was in the fuel-miser TDI variation, our two-week romp in the 2013 Beetle Convertible ’60s Edition came just as peak convertible weather was kicking off down in Florida.

The retro styling craze caught like a wildfire in the early 2000s, but quickly fizzled out as automakers realized that redesigning these cars for a subsequent second generation became a challenge in itself. This is likely the very reason why the New Beetle remained relatively the same for almost its entire 12-year run, but in creating the third-generation Beetle, Volkswagen tried to distance itself from adjectives like “cute” and “bubbly” by using more mainstream-friendly cues, which carry over nicely to the convertible form.



New Car Reviews

More Fun Than A Prius, Less Sensible Than A TDI

2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid - front three-quarter view

Let’s have some fun, and do some math. We’re talking pretty rudimentary stuff, multiplication and division, to figure out if the upcoming fit-for-the-masses SE with VW’s long-serving 2.5-liter engine.

To keep the equations clean and simple (hey, we’re writers), we’ll calculate based on the most flattering EPA miles per gallon stat from highway driving for all cars, assume a healthy 20,000 miles driven per year, and factor in today’s average cost for the respective fuels these three require: diesel (TDI), regular (SE) and premium (Hybrid). We’ll also start with the base prices for all models.

With all of that info loaded into our mental hoppers, how much time does it take to make the 45-mpg fuel economy of the Jetta Hybrid offset its premium price? To refresh, the $24,995 Hybrid is $2,005 more than the TDI and a heady $6,000 more than the SE. With highway economy ratings of 43 mpg for the TDI and 48 for the Hybrid, even considering that diesel fuel is more expensive, it’d take you about seven years of Hybrid driving before you’ve paid off the technology premium. The regular-gas sipping SE is a still more compelling argument for the frugal, as you’ll need to drive your hybrid for roughly 13 years to make up the sticker difference at today’s fuel prices. Bring the miles driven down to a closer-to-average 12k per year, and the payback takes even longer.



New Car Reviews

Polished Utility Impresses, Just Not At The Pump

With its subtle badging out of sight, and from a distance greater than 30 feet, Volkswagen’s flagship Touareg V6 sibling. But pop the hood or take it for a quick spin, and the gasoline-electric utility quickly reveals itself as one of the most complex vehicles ever to grace the German automaker’s showroom.

Predictably, there is always downside to such technical wizardry. Comprehensive development and revolutionary components, including a large nickel metal-hydride battery pack, don’t come cheap. As a result, the Touareg Hybrid is the most expensive vehicle in today’s Porsche Cayenne.

So why would someone spend more than $60,000 to put this particular Volkswagen in his or her driveway? To answer that question and to learn more about the automaker’s flagship softroader, we spent a full week with it.



New Car Reviews

The Best Little Car We Can’t Have

2012 Volkswagen Up!

Despite the fact that the Chevrolet Spark. But until widespread success in this segment is firmly on record, it’s no secret that automakers are hesitant to bring over their smallest offerings. It’s one thing to import hundred-thousand-dollar supercars, but when you’re trying to compete with a low-price-point product, additional import costs only hurt the business case.

Elsewhere ’round the globe, Comments


New Car Reviews

Volkswagen Sharpens its CUV Game

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

The Honda. Buyers bought nearly eight times the number of CR-V models in 2011.

So, the engineers and designers at Volkswagen freshened up the Tiguan for 2012. Small tricks like a new front fascia and reworked light elements help give the vehicle a more upscale appearance outside, while the interior retains all of the simplicity and well-executed materials that we’ve come to appreciate from the German automaker. Slightly improved fuel economy is also part of the recipe, but these changes aren’t quite enough to help the Tiguan hold its own against all-new generations of both the CR-V and the Escape.



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New Car Reviews

Has This Four-Door Coupe Lost Its Distinctiveness?

2013 Volkswagen CC

When first introduced for the 2009 model year, the Volkswagen as a “new offering designed and engineered to blend sports car dynamics and dimensions with sedan comfort in a sophisticated package.” The company’s first four-door coupe arrived with a dramatically swept roofline, frameless doors, a four-passenger cabin and very distinctive looks. It was arguably the most stylish model in the company’s entire lineup.

But things have changed for 2013. The automaker has treated its CC to a mid-cycle update that includes a substantial facelift, equipment changes and a new five-passenger cabin for our domestic market.

We recently spent a week with the refreshed Volkswagen CC in the Los Angeles basin. Our primary objective was to see how well the midsize four-door would integrate with family duty. We were also intrigued by its “sports car” claims, as its pricing ambitiously aligns it with some seriously talented competition. Lastly, as some are questioning its validity in the lineup compared to the larger all-new Passat, we wanted to understand its value. How well does the refreshed CC fare? Continue reading to find out.



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