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2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line

The Tiguan pledged Volkswagen’s R-Line fraternity way back in 2008, survived the hazing and humiliation to become a certified member of the ancient German trim-package society (by “ancient,” we mean 10 years old). The 2014 Tiguan R-Line is the scion of that first-generation compact crossover and joins the Touareg, Beetle and CC in the brotherhood.

What it provides is better looks for the same heart: every Tiguan carries a 2.0-liter four-cylinder TSI engine up front, turbocharged and intercooled, sending the same 200 horsepower and 207 pound-feet either to the front wheels or to all four via a Haldex-clutch-equipped 4Motion system. Volkswagen touts the option of a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic, but such buyer discretion only applies to the front-wheel-drive model. If you want 4Motion, you have to get the automatic, and the R-Line cannot be had with a manual. Both FWD and AWD models are rated at 26 highway miles per gallon, but in the city, the manual FWD returns 18 mpg, the automatic FWD gets 21 mpg and the AWD gets 20 mpg – none of which is terribly pleasing for a compact crossover, particularly when premium fuel is recommended.

Driving Notes

  • On the outside, beyond the badging, R-Line spotters will take note of body-color side skirts, black wheel arch extensions, a roof spoiler, HID headlamps and power folding side mirrors.
  • R-Line interior extras include leather seating surfaces and power front seats along with a flat-bottomed, leather-wrapped steering wheel, stainless steel pedals and aluminum sill plates. The interior is a premium VW affair with leather that exudes all the right vibes and everything else feeling soft to the touch. The choice materials and two-tone instrument panel overcome the minimalism of the center console and the huge sunroof keeping the cabin bright. A very nice Fender audio system is standard, and so is a trial of Volkswagen’s new Car-Net connected services suite (the People’s Car version of OnStar).
  • VW charges the Tiguan with “putting the ‘Sport’ in SUV,” crediting it with having the soul of the GTI (but not the same heart), and we didn’t scoff at the bombast after a couple of hours behind the wheel. As we mentioned in our recent First Drive of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee – even though we drove the Tiguan before it – there are crossovers that are finally and truly delivering on the promise of a car-like ride, the Tiguan R-Line being a prime example. We threw it at the same scrunched-up Sonoma Valley curves we had just tackled in a base-trim 2014 Jetta with the new 1.8-liter base engine. The 115-hp Jetta got a gold star for being capable and fun, but the compact crossover that looks like a big shoe is a perfect hoot to drive.
  • It’s almost always mentioned that the R-line doesn’t add more horsepower, but few mention that in applications like the Tiguan, the R-Line can do more with its power – it has larger 19-inch wheels wearing 255/40 R19 Pirelli Scorpions (versus 17- or 18- inch wheels on less aggressive rubber) and a firmer, sport suspension tune means it isn’t only about appearance. Plus, the Tiguan R-Line is the only trim to get shift paddles on its steering wheel.
  • Yet we almost never touched the paddles. That 207 lb-ft of warthog grunt comes on from 1,700 rpm, same as the 200 hp, and the six-speed transmission didn’t need help knowing where to be in the rev range when called to attention. With 4Motion all-wheel drive there for the assist – the Haldex center diff can move almost 100-percent of the torque to the rear wheels, during acceleration, for instance – they easily get the 3,591-pound crossover connecting one uphill ess to the next, that firmer suspension and those Scorpions taking over to get one through those corners as wished. On milder runs at highway speeds, the cabin is quiet and composed, and the staccato flow of urban drive is like being in a VW sedan with a booster seat.
  • For 2014, there are five Tiguan trims, with a healthy price climb from bottom to top. The base S starts at $22,995 and the range-topping R-Line begins at $36,535, or $37,400 after you add $865 for destination. Check the 4Motion box and you’re at $39,355. The Tiguan we drove had been optioned up to $39,625 with the addition of four Monster Mats, a trunk liner and a first aid kit. That’s more money than a base Audi Q5 with the same engine.
  • A quick run through a few configurators put the Tiguan at about $1,400 more than a similarly equipped Chevrolet Equinox, about $3,700 more than a Ford Escape and roughly $7,000 more than a Mazda CX-5 – the first two of those being among the eight vehicles VW lists in the Tiguan’s competitive set. All of them have more headroom, legroom and cargo space than the Volkswagen. They are also all down on power compared to the Tiguan, in some cases quite a bit down, and only the Mazda can come close to the driving experience. But the competitors (in four-cylinder guise) do get better gas mileage on less-costly regular fuel. If you don’t need the R-Line features, the SEL trim omits the look-faster and turn harder kit and provides an instant $4,000 discount with an MSRP of $32,670. It will take more than that to explain the huge disparity in sales between the Tiguan and its competitors, of course.
  • The Tiguan – any Tiguan, but especially the R-line – strikes us as a lifestyle choice in a segment guarded by the twin sentinels of Practicality and Value, those watchmen ready to disembowel the sales of non-conforming competition. Remember when the Internet’s circuit boards glowed red because of enthusiasts raging at the ‘dumbing down’ of the 2011 Jetta, livid that VW acceded to market dictates and unveiled a vehicle that was a far better competitor for a segment also guarded – even more intensely – by practicality and value? The Jetta has sold in five-digit quantities every month since that happened, something that could not be said of it before. In fact, its sales are still climbing two years after it hit the market. The Tiguan, meanwhile, remains representative of the VW that demands premium money for a premium product no matter the trim and no matter the segment, and it has sold more than 3,000 units in a single month only once since January 2010. As a lifestyle proposition, though, the Tiguan R-Line is a good one; it’s slightly smaller and less frugal, but it’s good looking, more powerful, nicer inside and a lot more fun to drive than most of its rivals.

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Golf, comprising exterior and interior kits along with a Sport Pack. Any one of them can be had on the Comfortline or Highline trims, but for different prices. The exterior add-ons include logos, new front and rear bumpers and a rear spoiler, new side sills and a black diffuser. It runs 995 euros ($1,297 US) on the Highline, 1,180 euros ($1,538 US) on the Comfortline.

The interior package includes items like aluminum-look instrument and door panels, new door sills, a black headliner, stainless steel pedal caps and sports seats. It goes for 640 euros on the Highline trim or 945 euros ($1,231 US) on Comfortline. You can add Vienna leather to that, upgrading from cloth, for either 1,755 ($2,287 US) euros on the Highline or 2,115 euros ($2,756 US) on the Comfortline.

Finally, the Sport package gets a new suspension and revised steering, plus tinted windows. It’s the most economical of the lot, needing just 430 euros ($560 US) for both Comfortline and Highline. The Salvador wheels in either 17- or 18-inch sizes can finish the whole thing off, and the press release Comments


Volkswagen Golf Variant Concept R-Line

With the introduction of the newest Golf R), the Golf Variant Concept R-Line has a production-ready appearance that has us hoping we’ll see this sporty wagon sooner rather than later.

The R-Line starts off with a new fascia that isn’t quite as aggressive as the Golf wagon, and it’s all finished off with 18-inch split-spoke wheels. Inside, the Concept R-Line shows off sport seats wrapped in carbon leather featuring blue nappa inserts in the middle.

Rightfully so, VW brought the Concept R-Line to Comments


2014 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible R-Line live at Chicago Auto Show premiere

Los Angeles Auto Show in November, but we’re already seeing the next step forward in the topless Bug range with this, the R-Line. We’ll admit, this treatment falls under the “all show and no go” category, but it’s still a pretty potent little cutie.

The R-Line starts with a standard Beetle Turbo Convertible but adds unique 19-inch aluminum wheels on lower-profile tires, LED daytime running lamps and Xenon headlamps. Naturally, there are R-Line badges aplenty both on the interior and exterior, and we must say, the whole package looks pretty darn snazzy.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but when it goes on sale later this year, the hotter convertible will join Volkswagen’s growing R-Line portfolio that now includes the Comments


GTI packages that you’ll be able to buy almost right away.

The first, and splashiest of the Chicago goodies on the VW stand has got to be the 2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR. Don’t lose your temper, Acura Integra geeks; in this case, GSR stands for “Gelb Schwarzer Renner” or “Yellow Black Racer,” and harkens back to a sport-tuned classic Beetle from the 1970s. For the 2014 iteration, the GSR gets a 210-horsepower version of VW’s 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. That engine is enough to push the Beetle to 60 miles per hour in 6.6 seconds, and up to a top speed of 130 mph.

Of course, you’ll have long-since noticed the shockingly yellow-and-black livery before you stumble across the Turbo badge on the rear deck. The GSR gets 19-inch alloy wheels, 235-section tires and a tea-tray rear spoiler, but it’s the paint and graphics package that will decide if this is your (lemony) cup of tea. Things don’t get any subtler inside the car, either, as VW has carried the colorway through to the interior, as well. Only 3,500 Beetle GSRs will be produced, with just more than half of those going to the US – call your dealer today, Wiz Khalifa.

Slightly less racy than the GSR is another Beetle for Chicago; this time a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible with the R-Line package. Almost identical to the standard Beetle Convertible Turbo from a functional standpoint, the 2014 R-Line car gets some unique 19-inch aluminum wheels with lower profile tires, LED DRLs to augment Bi-Xenon headlamps and trim-specific badging. You’ll also find R-Line branding sprinkled through the cabin of the car, and a model which is fully kitted out with technology options.

Finally, VW is offering a couple of limited edition GTI models to close out the 2013 model year (yes, we know it’s February). There’ll be just 3,000 examples of the Volkswagen GTI Driver’s Edition produced, all of them offering new 18-inch wheels, a golf ball shifter knob for the six-speed manual and the sunroof and navigation packages from the normal GTI spec sheet. A Wolfsburg Edition car will make a similar offering, but without the navi and sunroof. The Wolfsburg GTI will start from $25,095 in 6MT trim, while the rarer Driver’s Edition will run $29,695 with the stick shift.

Check out press releases for all of these vehicles Comments



2014 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line

Volkswagen’s Touareg are getting a host of look-faster items to increase their sporting appeal.

On the outside, the Tiguan R-Line receives handsome 19-inch alloys peering out from beneath fender extensions, premium lighting (bi-Xenon headlamps with LED daytime running lamps), along with matching side skirts and a liftgate spoiler. On the inside, sportier accommodations include aluminum trim and a flat-bottom steering wheel with paddle shifters. As with other R-Line models, there are no powertrain modifications to go with the more aggressive visuals (that being the province of R standalone performance models like the R32), though the suspension has been firmed up an unspecified amount. The Tiguan R-Line will be available in front- or all-wheel drive configuration.

The more upscale Touareg R-Line (not present at the show though revealed by Volkswagen earlier) receives a similar suite of upgrades, including a new body kit, 20-inch alloys, dual oval-shaped exhausts, LED taillamps and special badging. Like the standard model, the Touareg R-Line is available only with 4Motion all-wheel drive, but can be had with the buyer’s choice of either gasoline or diesel power.

Pricing has yet to be revealed for either model, but VW promises both will debut in the third quarter of this year.



Detroit Auto Show.

The 2014 Tiguan R-Line comes standard with bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights, and the package adds 19-inch wheels, grey fender extensions, body-color side skirts and a liftgate spoiler. Inside, the R-Line adds a flat-bottom sport steering wheel with paddle shifters, a black headliner and numerous metallic trim accents such as the stainless scuff plates, the aluminum pedals and metallic finish on the instrument and door panels. The Tiguan R-Line will be offered in front- and all-wheel drive configurations.

As for the 2014 Touareg R-Line (shown above), this model gets an ever more distinctive look with an aggressive front fascia, 20-inch wheels and dual oval-shaped exhaust outlets in addition to the painted side skirts and LED taillights. Similar metallic interior trim pieces found inside the Tiguan R-Line will also make their way into the Touareg as well as gloss black accents on the instrument panel and center stack.

VW says that both new R-Line models will get R-Line badges and a sport-tuned suspension. Pricing won’t be announced until closer to the launch of both models sometime this fall, but you can still check out the more info on both in the press release posted Comments


Beetle R-Line. Now, comes word that the R-Line bug may be headed our way after all. This news comes from AskAVWSalesGuy.com. As you may have guessed, it is a blog written by a Volkswagen salesperson. According to the recent post, Volkswagen is now taking orders for the new Beetle R-Line, with delivery set for February or early March.

We’ve reached out to Volkswagen and it has been confirmed that the Beetle Convertible.

If you recall, the R-Line is the latest in what is becoming a growing family of Volkswagen Beetle variants. The package includes revised bodywork, 19-inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlights, LED running lights and LED license plate lights. Inside the R-Line receives leather seating surfaces and a navigation system. In Europe, the exterior package alone will cost 1,290 euros (about $1,665) and both the exterior and interior combined will set you back 1,675 euros ($2,162). European customers can select this package with either the 1.4 TSI Beetle or the Comments


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