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2010 Volkswagen GTI engine bay

This really was a matter of when, rather than if. Volkswagen will apparently be the first manufacturer to phase out naturally aspirated engines in favor of turbocharging its full slate. VW is kind of responsible for ushering in this push towards small-displacement, turbocharged engines that’s taken the industry by storm. When it dropped its direct-injection, 2.0-liter turbo in the 2005 GTI it demonstrated that strapping an iron long to an engine can enhance the powertrain as a whole. VW made fuel economy gains, while also giving a linear, non-laggy turbo experience that it has replicated, model-after-model, to this day.

Speaking with The Detroit News, Volkswagen’s executive Vice President of Group Quality, Marc Trahan, told the paper that, “We only have one normally aspirated gas engine, and when we go to the next generation vehicle that it’s in, it will be replaced. So three, four years maximum.”

Really, it’s hard to get teary-eyed about either of these engines going away. VW has access to smaller powerplants that could easily match the performance of the 2.5 five-cylinder and the 3.6 V6, while gobbling up less fuel and providing a better driving experience. What we are sad about is that a similar statement about the extinction of NA engines came from the Vice President of Powertrain Engineering at Comments


Oklahoma City-area tornado damage - helicopter overview

Judging by the destruction the Oklahoma City area experienced earlier this week, residents are going to need a lot of help in coming months. Fortunately, a number of automakers – including Toyota – have stepped up to donate money, supplies and vehicles to aid in the recovery and rebuilding processes.

Here’s a quick rundown of which automakers have pitched in and what each contributed so far:

  • Ford Motor Company has donating $250,000 and a here). Additionally, its local Oklahoma dealers have thrown in an extra $150,000 for the United Way and the automaker will be offering an extra $500 toward the purchase of a new Ford vehicle.
  • GM has given $50,000 and a Forgotten Harvest, which has set up a campaign called “Help 4 Oklahoma” to bring food, medical and hygiene products to the area.
  • Chrysler is donating $100,000 to First Response Team of America – a nonprofit that assists first responders and helps with disaster cleanup.
  • Toyota has announced that it is donating $250,000 to restore food service to the area, small businesses revitalization and home rebuilding, and in addition to this amount, it will also be matching employee contributions.
  • The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Honda is donating generators to the Red Cross – a big advantage of having a power equipment division.
  • Volkswagen says it made a $250,000 donation to the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, but it isn’t clear if that was a combined donation or that much was given to each organization. VW is also matching the funds of its employees.



2013 Honda Accord V6 Coupe - red - front three-quarter view

The new and still more significant award, the Top Safety Pick+ honor, is given to those vehicles that earn good ratings for occupant protection in four out of five areas of measure. And while some 117 vehicles were given the TSP seal of approval for 2013, just 13 passed muster for TSP+.

To be fair, IIHS only evaluated 29 vehicles with its new testing procedures for TSP+ (we’d expect that the number of qualified cars will rise substantially for 2014). Luxury and Near Luxury midsize cars were the first groups evaluated, followed by midsizers in the Moderately Priced Cars category – unsurprisingly, it’s only midsize cars that you’ll find among the class this year.

Only two luxury sedans made the list of 13 for 2013: the Volkswagen Passat all made the grade.

Scroll down below for the full IIHS press release, and some more information about the methodology behind the institute’s new Top Safety Pick+ testing.



Honda Accord

There have been many great car commercials over the years, but is it possible to define the best? Well, Ad Week recently took a crack at it by rating the The Cog.”

While the ad never aired in the US, most car people have surely seen the impressive Rube Goldberg-style spot. In fact, the only commercial on this list that we saw on US television was the Honda a run for its advertising money.




Can The Blue Oval Bad Boy Dethrone The Hot Hatch King?

2013 Ford Focus ST vs 2012 Volkswagen GTI

About three years ago to the day, fellow Senior Editor Seyth Miersma and I – during our respective tenures as editors at Volkswagen GTI up against a slew of hot hatches for a comparison test cover story. Miersma and I share a love for this type of car, simply because they’re affordable little runabouts that don’t skimp on functionality while being hysterically fun to toss about. Actually, you’d be hard pressed to find a single member of the automotive media that doesn’t hold at least one of these little rascals close to their heart.

If you want to dethrone the king, you have to beat the GTI at the very game it created.

The hot hatch hierarchy has long been capped with the GTI as king, and for good reason. Of all the vehicles offered in the segment, it has perhaps the best blend of the many facets we love about these cars, and it’s the one that we’d absolutely open our wallets for year after year, generation after generation. So when a new kid comes to town, it doesn’t completely matter how it stacks up against other competitors in the segment – if you want to dethrone the king, you have to beat the GTI at the very game it created.

Enter the first experience with the car overseas, we must admit, it’s damn good.

So on yet another cold autumn morning, I found myself sitting behind the wheel of the brand-new Focus ST, following Miersma in the GTI out to the same roads we’ve flogged hot hatches down in the past. History indeed has a way of repeating itself, but with the potent little Ford now in its class, does the GTI still hold onto its crown?



Part of the blinged-out pomp and circumstance that surrounds Ford Mustang Mach 40, which also won the award for Best Hot Rod.

Other winners included the Beetle won for best European Import.

But it was the Mach 40 that apparently captured the interest of judges, which included Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi. David Eckert’s team created a clever combination of Mustang Mach 1 styling and massive power, using the powertrain from the Corvette suspension.

The notoriety of the Mach 40 will last well after this year’s show, as the car is being included in the Gran Turismo franchise, and will be seen by the millions that play the popular driving simulator. You may never get to drive the Mach 40, but now you may know what driving this car feels like in virtual reality, which for the David Eckert’s team, must feel pretty darn cool.



Polk chart on Saab owner defections

When a brand goes belly-up, it’s natural for analysts to wonder where that brand’s consumers will turn. from Pontiac owners.

A consultant with Polk has turned the loyalty lens on Audi comes in third.

After that it’s back to the masses with Comments


Cars need fuel. Everyone knows that, but how many people know the damage that is caused when a car is filled up with the...