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The first thing people do nowadays when they want to sell their car is go online and post a listing. Long gone are the days when you had to call your local newspaper to post an ad in the classifieds. While current car listings offer many advantages over the old format, their format allows more place for mistakes as well. In this article, we’re going to give you five crucial mistakes people make when selling their car online. 

Taking Bad Pictures

Back in the days, you didn’t have to take pictures. But now, pictures are probably the most important aspect of any ad. First of all, you have to make sure that the car fits completely in the picture. Second, you have make sure you feature as many angles as possible. Also, make sure the light is behind you at all times.

If you’re bad at photography, don’t hesitate to call a friend who’s familiar with it. If you’re selling a luxury car, you could even consider hiring a pro. You should also make sure that you show as many inside pictures as possible. Make sure you have the proper lighting as well. The shop light you use to make oil changes would be perfect for this. Also, try to take pictures on a sunny day and make sure that the car is in tip top condition from an esthetic standpoint.

Taking Night Pictures

This one is rather weird. Some people just don’t understand how detrimental putting up night pictures in their ads is. Not only is taking pictures at night bad when it comes to lighting, it could also raise suspicions. When I see night pictures in ads, I automatically assume that the seller is either too eager to sell his car to at least wait until daytime or that he’s trying to hide something. Either way, this is definitely not a good sign.

Not Mentioning Maintenance

A lot of people refrain to mention any kind of maintenance that was performed on the car. For some, it might be because they don’t want to hint at some problems the car may have had in the past. However, showing maintenance accomplishes the opposite. It shows that you actually care and remove any suspicion that something may go wrong regarding the particular maintenance you performed.

This is especially true with luxury cars. Luxury car buyers know how much maintenance can affect operating costs in the long run so mentioning that you’ve serviced your car at a BMW service repair center will be a great selling point. Don’t hesitate to show maintenance, it will make you look more responsible and increase your chances of finding a buyer.


If you manage to follow these tips, you will be that much closer to finding a buyer for your car. Make sure that you focus on great pictures and also make sure that you do not take night pictures under any circumstances. Also, make sure that you mention as much as you can about the kind of maintenance you performed on your car.


Rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), enter a small town near Miranda, Colombia, Wednesday, April 17, 1996. A column of the same rebel group ambushed a military convoy Monday killing 31 soldiers and wounding 18 outside the town of Puerres, located 350 miles southwest of Bogota. The FARC are the largest and oldest guerrilla group in Colombia. (AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)

Ferrari have been using tungsten ore sourced from Colombia’s FARC rebel terrorists. The extensive story focuses on Colombia’s illegal mining trade and calls into question the provenance of the rare ore that is used not only in crankshaft parts production, but is also found in the world’s computing and telecommunications industry for use in screens.

The ore is mined by the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia, or Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army), and exported to Pennsylvania, where it is refined. The refined ore is then sent over to Austria, where a company called Plansee turns it into a finished product. Now, it’s important to note that we aren’t talking about the world’s supply of tungsten here. In 2012, Plansee’s American refinery purchased 93.2 metric tons of tungsten, valued at $1.8 million. That’s peanuts, with the entire Colombian tungsten mining industry producing just one percent of the world’s supplies.

That doesn’t make indirectly supporting FARC any more acceptable, though. BMW, VW and Ferrari are all committed to not accepting mineral supplies from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is also in the grips of a guerrilla insurrection funded, in part, by illegal mining. The same commitment would figure to extend to Colombian mining, but as BMW points out, it’s difficult for a multi-national manufacturer to know where every item in its supply chain comes from. A company spokesperson says as much, telling Bloomberg, “These few grams out of the billions of tons of raw materials passing through the BMW supply chain are of no practical relevance.”

This response is perhaps somewhat blasé, but BMW, Ferrari and Volkswagen aren’t directly negotiating with the FARC rebels, and we’d be stunned if the three manufacturers were even aware of where the tungsten was coming from. By the time it arrives in their respective factories, it’s traveled from Colombia, to Pennsylvania to Austria, making for a rather difficult web of countries and networks to track. Even so, with Bloomberg drawing a spotlight on the activities, we’re assuming a few phone calls are going to be made.



BMW are the most likely to grow their market share over the next five years.

Tax advisory firm KPMG LLP has released its 14th annual Global Automotive Executive Survey, which includes responses from over 200 executives. A total of 81 percent of respondents said they expect to see Volkswagen make gains, compared to 70 percent last year. BMW, meanwhile, saw 70 percent of those surveyed say they believe the company will increase its market share. That’s a jump of 7 percentage points over last year. This is the first time in the history of the survey that BMW has claimed the second-place spot.

Meanwhile, Toyota also has a surprising year, but for just the opposite reason. While the manufacturer had slipped in ranking since 2011, it enjoyed the largest increase of any company in the 2013 survey, jumping to 68 percent from 44 percent last year.

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It was just nine months ago that Strategic Vision Q7. Strategic Vision says “true innovation” – “rich and impactful, intuitive, motivational, in-depth and is able to trigger description by the user in great specificity” – is the open secret of the brands with the strongest showings. Results are culled from 77,153 owners covering more than 350 new cars bought between September of 2011 and 2012 ranked in the Total Value Index (TVI).

Other notable winners are Dodge being most improved.

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For the last seven years, Audi sales are on the rise. According to an Automotive News Europe report, Audi cut the difference in sales between itself and BMW to only 2,110 vehicles sold so far this year.

Analysts point to the growth of the A-class vehicle segment, and Audi’s established presence in that market in the form of the A3, Audi sold 108,100 total units in the month of August, compared to BMW’s 102,730.

This time last year, BMW had a lead of more than 40,000 on Audi. But The upstart from Ingolstadt is finally seeing tangible results of a 20 billion ($25.6 billion) investment in research and development by the Volkswagen Group. Since 2003, the luxury brand has doubled its vehicle portfolio, adding the Q7, Q5, and R8, and new vehicles such as the A1 subcompact and Q3 compact crossover.

Audi overtook Mercedes-Benz in 2011, leaving only BMW in its sights. According to the report, Audi’s intent is to supplant BMW as the top premium brand by the year 2020.

Another factor in Audi’s success has been its sales in China, where BMW hasn’t been quite so quick to develop a strong market presence.

With 961,000 vehicles sold through eight months, Audi could very likely eclipse its 2011 sales totals of 1.3 million units. Will it be enough to surpass BMW? Only time will tell.



2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about being mired in the 99% is that due to the prevalence of reality-distorting TV and the booming personal security business, we really have no idea what it’s like to be Maybach or the plutonium-burning hovercrafts that the Koch’s use to fly to their secret Tea Party Illuminati meetings.

What’s that? Rich people buy their cars at dealerships just like we do?

Yep, and according to a new study from Volkswagen.

As you would expect, a BMW X5 wraps up the list in 10th place.

What this tells us is that the rich are clearly not stupid, choosing to buy the same sorts of vehicles that the rest of us do, models with good reputations for quality and value. Either that or they’re paying their servants in cars.



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