How To Choose Fishing Lures
2017-11-24 09:30
Fishing lures are attached to your fishing line in place of bait. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a beginner, it’s important to make sure you use the correct type of lure for the conditions you’re fishing in and the type of fish you’re going after. Here are some tips on picking the best fishing lures for the job:

Soft baits are ideal for fishing in water that contains a lot of vegetation. Northern pike and bass fishing lures often take the form of soft baits made from rubber or soft plastic in the shape of the frogs, worms, mice, small and midsized fish and crawfish that these fish live on. You can rig a softbait as “weedless” by lodging the hook in the soft plastic to prevent it from catching on vegetation as you drag it through the water in areas where the fish go to stalk their prey among the weeds and rushes. Buy a selection of soft fishing lures in different shapes, sizes and colors so you can find out which ones work best where you like to fish.

Buzzbaits are a variety of spinnerbait that are also used when fishing for bass, as well as for pike and pickerel. These lures have propellers that make a noise and churn up the water to attract the fish, plus a hook surrounded by plastic tassels to entice them to bite. In shallow water where there are ample weeds, cast out a long way then reel in as soon as the lure hits the surface to start the propeller action, and watch as the fish come rushing to the scene.

Spoons and spinners are lures made for fishing in open water or deep rivers that are free from vegetation or overhanging branches where they can get caught. Both are hard baits made of shiny metal in the shape of fish, but spinners also have a spinning metal blade in the front, and usually a plastic or twine tail. You can find spoons and spinners in a huge range of colors to mimic every conceivable type of bait fish.

Jerkbaits can be either soft or hard. They are usually shaped like long, thin fish and come in different models for use at various depths down to 15’. These are useful as bass fishing lures, and are also used for pike, salmon, trout, walleye and other species. As the name implies, you cast out your jerkbait before retrieving it with a jerking action to make it move like an injured or distressed fish. You won’t get a bite every time, but when you do it will be from a good-sized fish.

Crankbaits are a very common type of hard bait. These lures are often shaped like small fish and are available in lots of different colors. A distinguishing feature of a crankbait is the bill or lip on the front that allows it to plane through the water ? and in general terms, the longer the lip the deeper the lure will dive. Also noticeable are the two large treble hooks that hang from the underside of these fishing lures. While they are excellent bass fishing lures, crankbaits are therefore best used in relatively deep water with little vegetation that the hooks can catch on.

Try these lure options where you like to fish to maximize your chances of success. One great advantage of using lures is that they can be reused countless times, and if they accidentally come loose they won’t harm the surrounding ecosystem. Whether you are a novice or experienced fisherman, doing your homework to discover the right lures for your situation can make the difference between a hit or miss experience or a great day on the water.

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